Workflow management for digitisation

Kitodo.Production is the workflow management module in the Kitodo suite. It supports the process of digitising a range of material types, such as books, periodicals, manuscripts, printed music, single-sheet media, and document collections.

Kitodo.Production is programmed as a web application in Java and can be used in a conventional web browser fully independently of platform and location. It includes all functions accompanying the digitisation process, all the way to publication of the finished digital object.

Source code on GitHub

For login credentials to our demo server, please contact the Kitodo office.


The following libraries use Kitodo.Production for their digitisation workflow management:


The software consists of the following modules:

  • Kitodo.Core is the foundation for the other components and thus provides basic functions such as file handling.
  • Kitodo.Meta and Kitodo.Flow include the editor for recording structure data and metadata, and the entire process and project management. The Kitodo.Flow module is used for project controlling in the form of extensive statistical evaluations of ongoing and completed digitisation projects.
  • Kitodo.Producer ensures the integration of the scan hardware and access control for the process directories, thus helping to allocate the images to the processes. Various access types, including network-based ones such as Samba and NFS, are possible.


Kitodo.Production is constantly updated. The final report on our latest major development project, financed by the German Research Foundation (DFG) in 2017-2019, can be found here (German).