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Kitodo.Presentation is the presentation module in the Kitodo suite. It can be used to display digitised books, newspapers, journals, manuscripts, printed music, single-sheet media, and document collections.

Kitodo.Presentation is implemented as an extension for the open-source content management system TYPO3 and integrates seamlessly in editorially maintained websites.

Kitodo.Presentation in use


Kitodo.Presentation wird stetig weiterentwickelt und um neue Funktionen und Features erweitert. Sie finden weitere Informationen über die webbasierte Bedienung und die Datenhaltung bis hin zur Integration in TYPO3 in der folgenden Feature-Liste.

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The following libraries use KITODO.Presentation for their digital collections:


The software essentially consists of three modules:

  • Commons is a group of classes that extend the TYPO3 API with Kitodo-specific functions – e.g. processing METS structures and library metadata in various formats or integrating external resources such as OAI interfaces or Solr search engines. The API extensions are available to all extensions throughout TYPO3, i.e. they can be used by both Kitodo.Presentation and other extensions. Consequently, commercial or highly specific functions that are only required at single locations need not become part of the official Kitodo.Presentation release. They are implemented in independent extensions.
  • Modules is a group of components that is integrated in the TYPO3 backend and used to configure the extension and manage digital objects, clients, and collections. At present, there is a module for client management and a module for manual import of new or updated indexes for existing digital assets. In addition, structure data and metadata handling allows for highly granular configuration and database management. A command line interface that can be used, for example, to automate the import of new digital objects is also available.
  • Plug-ins are components that generate frontend output and provide a wide range of functions. All of the plug-ins can be configured, in part in great detail, via a GUI and freely placed within websites managed using TYPO3. All frontend outputs use design templates and are thus freely customisable. At the present time, Kitodo.Presentation includes 12 plug-ins.