Various members of the Kitodo community are currently working on a module with publication server functionality. A first prototypical implementation called Kitodo.Publication already exists.

The Kitodo.Publication module is based on TYPO3. It forms the user interface and administrative environment of a publication server. It was developed by the Saxon State and University Library Dresden in association with effective WEBWORK and is currently being used live on the Qucosa project: and

Source code on GitHub

Kitodo.Publication does not yet form part of the official Kitodo Suite, but it is an interesting project developed by the Kitodo community.


The backend of Kitodo.Publication offers the following functions:

  • Metadata mapping: the form fields on a connected Fedora repository can be flexibly mapped to the metadata in METS/MODS in the mapping handle.

  • Backend manager: published documents, documents added for publication, and new documents can be edited in the backend manager. Editing includes functions such as checking a document for duplicate copies, displaying a preview (using Kitodo.Presentation), duplicating a document, and publishing/updating documents.

  • Backend search: documents in the connected repository can be searched using the backend search. The documents returned can then be imported into the local workspace for editing.

  • Document form: the separate metadata of a document can be edited and saved for the local workspace in the form section.


The frontend offers the following functions:

  • Document type list: the module contains a list of configured document types available for publication. Selecting a document type takes the user to the frontend form.

  • Document form: the frontend form displays the configured metadata fields and allows frontend users to announce publications. After sending the form, the entered metadata are listed in the backend manager and can then be published.


Like all Kitodo components, Kitodo.Publication is open source software that can be freely reused. The source code can be found on GitHub.

As a TYPO3 extension, this publication server is particularly suitable for libraries that already use the popular content management system. This solution is especially useful if Kitodo – and particularly Kitodo.Presentation – is already in use, as the new module allows for significant simplification and homogenisation of the technical infrastructure.

Despite a number of unique selling points, the module is still very new and does not feature the maturity of a long-established solution for document servers in all of its functions. Where highly specific requirements exist, it may therefore require further development. Thanks to the popularity of TYPO3, however, there are a relatively high number of potential development partners in possession of the relevant expertise – e.g. effective WEBWORK.