Kitodo-compliant service for digital preservation

The Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB) has developed export mechanisms for Kitodo to move digital objects into digital preservation archives. The data are transferred to the Rosetta preservation solution from ExLibris using scripts. Alternatively, a connection with other systems such as the open source solution Archivematica is also a possibility.

The SLUB adds its own digital assets, generated with Kitodo, and the other cultural and educational institutions to its digital preservation archive SLUBArchiv using an automated workflow.

In consultation and, as required, cooperation with other major Kitodo partners, the SLUB has since 2017 been able to offer pilot partners services for digital preservation of Kitodo data that in terms of structure, configuration, and quality are comparable with their own data. In addition to the long-term maintenance and storage of Kitodo data, the actual process of digital preservation, one-off activities are also offered as part of a project, e.g. the organisation of handover workflows.

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact the Kitodo release management or Dr Gerald Hübsch (gerald.huebsch[at]